2012-13 Refugee Lives: Angola and Burma 2011-12 Refugee Lives: Shifting Diasporas of the Arab World 2010-11 Refugee Lives: Four Days, Three Locations
2012-13 Refugee Trip: Angola and Burma

2012-13 Refugee Trip

Follow Medill Northwestern University professor Jack Doppelt as he explores the lives and expectations of refugees in Angola, Myanmar (formerly Burma) and Thailand.

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2011-12 Refugee Trip: Shifting Diasporas of the Arab World

2011-12 Refugee Trip

Jordan is home and way station to a few million Palestinian and Iraqi refugees. In Dec. 2011, at a time when the Arab Spring was reshaping the contours of the Middle East and when U.S. troops were withdrawing from Iraq, Northwestern University students from the U.S. and Qatar converged on Amman to report on their lives and expectations.

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2010-11 Refugee Lives: Four Days, Three Locations

2010-11 Refugee Trip

Northwestern students documented the lives of refugees from three different places in the world – Jordan, Malawi and Namibia — depicting the daily lives of refugees and establishing connections between resettled refugees and those abroad.

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  • Led by Medill professor Jack Doppelt, the Refugee Lives project is staffed by a group of faculty, students and volunteers across the world.

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  • "Northwestern University recently hatched an ambitious project with international reach. ... Northwestern sent students to report on the lives of refugees in three very different settings..."

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